viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

The death 1616

The 22 april Miguel deCervantes died and he was buried in the trinitarias convent
The death of Cervantes

Second part 1615

Cervantes published the second part of his famoust work El Quijote
Second part of El Quijote

The order 1613

Cervantes gets in the third order of Saint Francis

The publication 1604

The rivalry with Lope de vega increases and the relationship tens, just a bit after Cervantes publiced his master piece El Quijote
El Quijote

Imprisioned 1597

After some years working as trax collector he is imprisioned four course abuse of power and misappropiation of funds.
It was at the jail where Cervantes started to write El Quijote
Cervantes imprisioned

The first great work 1585

Cervantes gets the approval of his first great work: La Galatea
Unfortunately after some months Migel´s father Rodrigo de Cervantes died
La Galatea

The wedding 1584

Miguel marries with Catalina de Salazar but he will not have any child
Catalina de Salazar